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Ordering a leash from FancyK9s is easy and it can be a lot of fun! Choose a simple Standard Leash or select from a few new styles that were created to make your life easier and safer. Spice up your daily walk with brass hardware or the elegance of velvet trim. Or keep it simple and forego the extra options.

Start by selecting a style. As you make selections, more options will become available until you have created your perfect leash! Once all choices are made, a "Next" button will appear at the bottom of the page which will allow you to preview your order. Learn more about leash styles


Select a width and more options will appear!


Webbing color:

Select desired length. If you choose "Custom," a field will appear that allows you to enter the length you would like.


Custom length in inches
(up to 120"):

Select your hardware. A Snap Hook is a traditional connector. The Trigger Snap is more secure. Learn more about hardware


The optional Accessory Loop is a D-ring that is sewn into the handle area of the leash. This loop allows you to attach bag holders, pouches, and other similar items.


If you choose to add velvet, a velvet color option will appear below.


Velvet color:


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